Presentation Slides

1 min read

1- Introduction click here for the lighter version

2 -Preparation of the FAIR Data Point click here for the lighter version

3- Professor Mirjam van Reisen Webinar at UCSD click here for lighter version

4. The VODAN Fair Data Point Webinar by Albert Mons and Luiz Bonino

5. UCSD Webinar on SPOKE Molecular Explorer by  Sergio Baranzini and Sharat Israni

6. Inaugural weekly VODAN-Africa meeting of Tuesday 21 April 2020. Slides by Prof Mirjam van Reisen and Erik Schultes

7. 28 April Metadata for Machine Workshop by Erik Schultes

8. Fair Data Point Deployment by Luiz Bonino and Kees Burger

9. 05 May Metadata for Machine Workshop 2 by Erik Schultes

10. 12 May Metadata for Machine Workshop 3 by Erik Schultes

11. FDP Deployment by Aliya Aktau

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